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Smart Tower & Smart Extender

S M A R T   Plug & Play 


BEGA Plug & Play is the smart LED light system for illuminating your garden. Simply position the portable luminaires in your garden, configure them with the comfortable BEGA Smart app and then switch and dim them individually by remote control.

The Smart Tower is the basis of BEGA Plug & Play. It is the intelligent control centre of the system and at the same time provides the necessary operating voltage of 48 V. Up to four luminaires can be connected to the Smart Tower using safe plug connectors. Smart Extenders enhance the system with connection options for more luminaires. The flexible cables can simply be laid above ground between the plants – there is no need for any elaborate and expensive installation of underground cables. Changes and extensions are thus possible very quickly and at any time. The system can be operated using comfortable BEGA remote controls, which are available in two versions. These can be used to switch and dim the connected luminaires and to call up customised lighting scenarios. BEGA ZigBee LED lamps can also be integrated in a Plug & Play system. In this way, conventional luminaires with E 14 or E 27 bases can also be controlled individually – indoors as well as outdoors.The BEGA 70588 gateway and the relevant app can be used to access the system configuration and control via the Internet.



The installation of a BEGA Plug & Play system could not be easier: setup is effected using a smartphone app, which allows the light system to be configured individually. Automation options such as a time switch function can be implemented in just a few easy steps. For manual control, we recommend our ONE and PRO remote controls,

which make frequently used functions available at the press of a button.


The simple and clean design reflects the iiconic design of the product and affordance UX will help for users. 

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