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Put color on life

It's easy to customize SmartBand 2 Bracelet by adding one of these colorful bracelets. Just push the head unit out of the bracelet

and push it into another bracelet. Whether you are in an important meeting, a jogging trip in the park or a night out, you can put color on your style.

S M A R T  B A N D

Keep an eye on everything you need. Your heart rate, your movements, your sleep, and even if you are calm or upset. SmartBand 2 measures your heart rate and stress level so you can decide whether to keep calm or drive hard today.

Messages and calls, completely silent

SmartBand 2 will alert you to incoming calls or messages through a smooth vibration signal and, if desired, LED lights in color. The LED lights provide different signals for different types of notifications so that you can choose whether to pick up the cellphone or not.

C M F   v a r i a t i o n s

A must for the wardrobe

SmartBand 2 is ergonomically designed in softest silicone and so comfortable that you can wear it around the clock. 

Thanks to the interchangeable bracelets in different colors, you can match it to your needs, whether you're in a meeting or party.

T V   c o m m e r c i a l

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