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S M A R T   W A T C H  


S p o r t s

R e p l a c e   b r a c e l e t

Want a minimalist style? Or maybe a colorful? Customize SmartWatch 3 to suit your style and mood. Pick out the core and put it in a new bracelet to get a whole new style. 

You can also customize the look of downloadable watches.

Lead CMF designer of Smart watch 3 for the European market. Responsible to innovate wide range material from hard to soft such as PVC, aluminium, leather, nylon, fabric etc.

The product won the world class design award IF, Red dot.

Show your personality

Customize your SmartWatch 3 according to your personal style and taste with comfortable bracelets. Just move the SmartWatch 3 device from one band to another. 

Give your SmartWatch 3 a new style and a new feel every day. Discover SmartWatch 3 .

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